Warrior Hall

The Warrior Hall is essentially the player’s stronghold or base of operations. This is where the player, known as the Hall lord, will do things such as strategize for quests and missions, add and customize various rooms in the Hall (resulting in upgrades for the warriors and their skills), extensively customize warrior equipment, weapons, etc. Various wings in the Hall serve a particular purpose with options to expand and build new rooms for further enhancement. [1]




Here is where various warriors of all types, skills, and locations, gather with the hopes of being recruited by a Hall lord. Hall lords will be able to evaluate particular strengths and specializations to hire these warriors. This is also where Hall lords customize their warriors and provide them with the best weaponry and armor that Providence has to offer.




Fallen warriors materialize as spirits in the Hall Sanctuary. Here, the Hall lords can decide on the fate of the spirits. Revered as a sacred room with mysterious powers, the Sanctuary is well hidden from enemy reach and protected with magical forces bound exclusively to the Hall lord.


Acting as a training ground for recruited warriors, the Workshop wing can be upgraded and leveled in order to enhance the power or accuracy of particular skills. Here, the Hall lords can train their warriors by providing equipment and artifacts to the various rooms in the Workshop wing. This is also where most of the Hall construction occurs. The workshop is where lords can build more rooms to serve a particular purpose, ultimately increasing and improving warriors.

Trophy RoomEdit


Trophy Room

This heavily guarded room is the library for all achievements and rewards from their quests and the King. Here, lords can collect their trophies from particular quests, and see what is needed to attain their next honor. This room can also be displayed to the public in the Hall lord’s profile page. The trophies awarded from the king are not merely golden spectacles made of precious metal. They are infused with magical enhancements to increase warrior statistics and power.

War RoomEdit

The war room is where hall lords from all over the world gather together and plan their next adventure. Strategy is a key part of success in Warrior Epic, and the War Room is where that strategy is laid. This room also serves as the host for allied Hall lords. Therefore, lords tend to use the finest furnishings that Prestige can buy in order to welcome the allies to their majestic abodes.