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  • The Warrior Hall is essentially the player’s stronghold or base of operations. This is where the player, known as the Hall lord, will do things such as strategize for quests and missions, add and customize various rooms in the Hall (resulting in upgrades for the warriors and their skills), extensively customize warrior equipment, weapons, etc. Various wings in the Hall serve a particular purpose with options to expand and build new rooms for further enhancement. read more...


  • The Spirit System offers a player the chance to revive their fallen warrior and use them in a number of different ways to advance through the game. When a warrior dies during an adventure, it turns into spirit form and resides in the Sanctuary of the player’s Hall. The years of constant war have blurred the line between mortality and the outer realms. This distortion has allowed spirits to be summoned by the player’s living warriors on subsequent adventures where it will unleash devastating attacks on enemies, or be bound to the player’s equipment to imbue the item with special powers. Both the warrior’s class and level affect the spirit’s capabilities. These spirits can also be resurrected back into living form.

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Warrior Epic Combat System Tutorial Game Trailer

Warrior Epic Combat System Tutorial Game Trailer

Combat System Tutorial

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