WarriorEpic Wiki was started in year 2009, as a resource for the just then launched Possibility Space game, Warrior Epic.

Its vocation is to keep available all information players might need to ease their experience of the game, providing community approved pages to anyone.

The name "WarriorEpic Wiki" is not trademarked or otherwise protected, and thus any random website may call themselves "WarriorEpic Wiki" (or variants of the name), without being affiliated with this WarriorEpic Wiki. For more information, see WarriorEpic Wiki:Domain.

All original content is licensed under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa license. All other information, art, skill images, are Copyright to their original creators, Possibility Space.

Hosting service of WarriorEpic Wiki is currently provided by Wikia Inc., funded by advertisements.

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