Abilities by Level:

Lvl 0

Slow Arrow - Single Target Slow

Damage: 2-5 (Upgraded)

Slow Duration: 3-9 sec (Upgraded)

Range: 12 m

Poisonous Arrow - AoE Debuff

Damage: 1/tick for 9-20 seconds (Upgraded)

AoE: 2-4 m (Upgraded)

Cooldown: 30-15 sec (Upgraded)

War Song - Point Blank AoE Buff

AtSp Bonus: 7-12% (Upgraded)

Buff Duration: 15-35 seconds (Upgraded)

Cooldown: 120-100 seconds (Upgraded)

Lvl 2

Bramble Stack - Ground Targeted Immobilize Trap

Range: 2 m

Area: 2m

Cooldown: 60-40 seconds (Upgraded)

Lvl 4

Dash - Ground targeted teleport

Cooldown: 30-10 seconds (Upgraded)

Lvl 6

Improved Slow Arrow - Single Target Slow (Replaces Slow Arrow)

Damage: Copies slow arrows damage

Slow Duration: Copies slow arrows duration

(Cooldown is more than twice as long, warning before upgrading)

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