True Games Interactive, Inc. (TGI) is the American-based publisher for Warrior Epic, providing servers located in the US and Turkey. From their website:

True Games Interactive was founded in January 2008 on the premise that online gamers deserved better. The first order of business for delivering a high-quality player experience was to partner with a world-class developer. In February, True Games and Petroglyph Studios committed to work together on a new kind of micro-transaction based MMO. By May, renowned European publisher, GOA shared the vision and committed to work with True Games. In August, UTV, a global media and entertainment company based in India, not only partnered with True Games but made a major equity investment. True Games is based in Orange County, California and is preparing to release its first title in 2009. [1]


TGI provide both the servers that players outside of Europe connect to, as well as ongoing support to the game community. Their customer service representatives are often found in the game lobby and on the official TGI Warrior Epic forums, identified by the prefix 'TGI_' before their username. Often referred to as 'GMs' (for Game Masters) and 'Mods' (for Moderators), some of the best known representatives include:

  • TGI_Guardian (Community Manager)
  • TGI_Aerisyn (Producer)
  • TGI_Lynolis (Badass Customer Service Lead)

The TGI Customer Support site is located at

Other InformationEdit

In addition to Warrior Epic, TGI are also associated with the development of Mytheon, an action-RTS game yet to be released.