The Spirit System offers a player the chance to revive their fallen warriors and use them in a number of different ways to advance through the game. When a warrior dies during an adventure, it turns into spirit form and resides in the Sanctuary of the player’s Hall. The years of constant war have blurred the line between mortality and the outer realms. This distortion has allowed spirits to be summoned by the player’s living warriors on subsequent adventures where it will unleash devastating attacks on enemies, or be bound to the player’s equipment to imbue the item with special powers. Both the warrior’s class and level affect the spirit’s capabilities. These spirits can also be resurrected back into living form.

In addition to warrior spirits garnered from a player’s own warriors, there will also be monster spirits that can be found. These monster spirits are useful for upgrading a player’s equipment without sacrificing a warrior.

How to get your spiritsEdit

Warrior and monster spirits can be found in the Sanctuary of the player’s Hall. The Sanctuary houses the spirits of the dead and can be viewed by the Hall lords at their leisure. This is also where the spirits can be revived by the player. The spirits are not on a timer, meaning they won’t disappear and players will be able to keep their spirits for as long as they like. However, after a player decides to infuse the spirit into a weapon or other piece of equipment, it cannot be undone. This sacrifice ensures the item will be permanently upgraded.

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