A profession is a set of skills and gear that define your character's abilities. All player characters in the game have the choice between six professions, each of them divided in two specialities. A character has access to all skills of its base profession plus its speciality skills. A player's choice of professions does limit the types of gear and other items that character can equip.

Any profession has access to two specialities, which means there are a total of 12 possible way to create a character.

Warriors professionsEdit

Pit Fighter (PF)Edit

Devotress (De)Edit

Dungeon Archer (DA)Edit

Pangolan (Pa)Edit

Assassin (A)Edit

Illusionist (I)Edit

Notes Edit

Once you have unlocked the ability to change your secondary profession at will in the Skill window, if you change your secondary profession within a town/outpost any NPCs who had profession specific quests for the old profession will continue to have a quest marker over their head, but when you click on them the mark will disappear and they will not offer you one. Changing back to the specific profession will then re-enable you to accept the quest.

Conversely, if you have changed your profession while in the town/outpost and there is a profession specific quest-giver for your new secondary profession they will continue to not have a quest marker over their head until you click on them (with prior knowledge it was available) and they will offer you the quest.

Changing professions after accepting a profession-specific quest will not affect your ability to complete it, however you should revert to the quest's profession when accepting the reward, or you might not receive the skills.

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