Possibility SpaceEdit

"Possibility Space Inc. is a global interactive entertainment software company with studios in Beijing, China and the United States. PS develops, publishes, and distributes interactive software globally for personal computers and the internet. In 2009, Possibility Space will enter the free to play market with it's fantasy RPG, Warrior Epic.

PS specializes in creating high quality free to play (F2P) titles that retain above average production values while using in-house developed technologies and art. Games developed by PS are specifically engineered for accessibility to a broad audience, lowering the barrier to entry and widening the distribution demographic."



True Games Interactive is a global publisher of PS title, Warrior Epic.

  • About TGI

True Games believes that players recognize quality. They believe that players deserve quality. They believe that players will happily pay for quality. They are a pure-play online publisher. They partner with the best developers and global publishers on the planet to focus on high-quality player experiences from the first website visit to the last quest.


GOA is the European publisher of PS title, Warrior Epic.

  • About GOA

GOA's teams combine expertise with a passion for games and take advantage of France Telecom’s technical platform to offer the best of online games to European players. GOA and the GOA logo are trademarks of Orange – Content Division.