Player versus EnvironmentEdit

(PvE) is a type of gameplay where players interact with computer-controlled opponents. Its counterpart is PvP, where the interaction is with other live players.

PvE: Devotress fighting Junglepeeds


Many characters play through the PvE story line but are not only limited to the story line in Warrior Epic. Some adventures do branch off from one another but some are set in their own settings. Take "A seadog's treasure" for example; it's prequisite is "The Gauntlet", yet neither of these adventures have anything to do with each other. Where as "The Ruins Of Infestation I" and "The Ruins Of Infestation II" directly branch off of one another. Really the best advice for advancing through the PvE campaign is simply, do as much as you want and have fun with it.


PvE can be completely on one's own or through groups. Although groups sound more fun it can also cause more trouble for one's self. With the more team-mates in your party the number of monsters also increases, which in a sense if great for exp, but at the same time it increases the dangers of team playing. To play on one's own can also be dangerous for someone considering that you are the only person to deal damage and heal yourself so you will have to use your cunning and tactics to overcome the map. It's not impossible just a bit challenging.