Pit Fighter concept art

Pit Fighters are the most powerful melee warriors. Hailing from two dfferent regions, each specializes in different areas of combat. While the two vary in practice, both are adept in the base tactics taught by their masters. Targets that stray from the herd are dominated by the sheer power of the Pit Fighter's melee swings. They are experts in hand-to-hand combat, which allows for skills in AOE melee strikes. Their instincts are to defeat enemies swiftly, while escaping danger when overwhelmed. Pit Fighters have the ability to "Master" equipped weapons and items. This skill allows them to have altered weapons unique to any other weapon in the Kingdom of Providence.


Outcast Pit Fighters are from the harsh Northern Wilderness. Far from towns, cities, or any form of civilization, Outcasts from this region are used to fighting alone, and as a result have become highly skilled in survival tactics, making them an excellent tanking class.


Berserker Pit Fighters are from the far reaches of the molten lands known as the Searing Plains. As their name suggests, searing anger is what drives these Warriors; allowing them to channel berserker energy to decimate foes into oblivion. They excel at fighting masses of great hordes and are particularly deadly with hand-to-hand AOE attacks.