Pangolan concept art

The Pangolan ("people of the tree") come from regions where the Giant Trees grow. They act as the custodians of nature. They live as one with the forest and are often seen working as guides or trackers. It would be foolish to mistake their gentle demeanor for weakness, for they can be as fierce as they are kind. Pangolans are well educated in ancient healing practices; making them a welcome addition to any party.


Shaman Pangolans have been handed down the secrets of the "Golin Pa Uru" or "Magic of the Dark Forest" for thousands of generations and can call upon nature's forces as well as its inhabitants. Shaman Pangolans specialize in utilizing elemental forces to defeat enemies and heal party members.


Tamer Pangolans come from the largest forest known as Evervale. They are known for their extreme devotion to the forest, and their chosen lifestyle as guardians of the Tree Regions. As the protectors of Evervale, they can call upon the assistance of the creatures that live among its lush forests.


See Pangolan Skills for complete article.

The Pangolan is a group support character that offers powerful group healing, buffs and mezzes. They also use totems to provide unique area effects centred on a particular location, and have a variety of direct damage and AoE attacks to harm their enemies.

  • Shamans specialize with additional elemental damage abilities, consisting of area-based fire and ice storm damage spells as well as a temporary poisoning pet.
  • Tamers specialize with three supporting pets that can be summoned, which possess a variety of minor damage, debuffing and healing abilities.