A display of remaining gold shown in a war room

Gold is an in-game currency used to purchase items from the Item Shop, Vanity Items, War Room customization and Workshop Upgrades.

There are only two ways of obtaining gold in the game:

  1. Purchasing gold with real money microtransactions, or
  2. Auctioning your warriors for gold in the Item Shop

Gold is distinct from blue prestige points that is a lesser in-game currency generated solely by completing missions.

Gold by MicrotransactionEdit

True Games InteractiveEdit

For US and International players, TGI have a store located at that allows you to purchase various packages of gold. As of 7 July 2009, the exchange rates are

Gold package Cost in US dollars
500 Gold.png $6.25
1000 Gold.png $12.50
2000 Gold.png $25.00
Squire's Pack
500 Gold.png
+ 20 Double Exp Potions
+ 4th table slots temporarily


For European players, GOA have a store located at that presumably allows for the purchase of gold packages. The exchange rates are unknown.

Gold by the Item ShopEdit


A sample of the warrior sale tab in the Item Shop

From the main menu, the Item Shop can be accessed directly and lists a number of items or warriors that can be purchased with gold. You can sell your own warriors that have been trained up by choosing the 'Sell' tab, and placing your chosen character up for sale. Each character can be added to the list of purchaseable warriors for 8, 24 or 72 hours at a time, and you may enter any price of gold that you wish. A 10% Possibility Space transaction fee is added to the price of every sale, though each sale attempt costs nothing if no-one buys in the allotted time.

This manner of obtaining gold is somewhat unreliable as the values of each warrior class and hence their price on the Item Shop tends to fluctuate quite significantly.