Faustus Estate
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Faustus Estate is one of the regions found in Warrior Epic.


Skeletons of trees that once blossomed creak eerily, even on windless nights, along the twisted paths of Faustus Estate, where once-sparkling cobblestones lie cracked and ruined in the dust. Once a brilliant - if eccentric - architect, few now remember the man called Faustus as anything but the fodder of children's rhymes and hushed tales told by old women.

In the sad traditions of brilliant people, their brilliance is often noted after they are no longer part of this world. Faustus’ work, while now praised by scholars, was at the time ridiculed for fantastic designs far beyond the comprehension of the simple folk bordering his estate. Reduced to shame and paranoia, the great architect turned inward, his family fortune to be consumed building a massive estate around his isolationist life: high walls to protect against trespassers, tall leafy trees for privacy, and many, many rooms.

The townsfolk muttered anew at the flurry of expansion to the once-moderate estate. Entire wings were built to accommodate a single resident? Faustus had no wife, no family, no friends. For whom were these huge halls constructed? Moreover, by whom... for none could recollect ever seeing a single worker upon the grounds, nor could the sounds of hammers or saw ever be heard. Tantalizing glimpses of new construction would appear through the trees each morning, appearing overnight without explanation. Yet the gates to the Estate were kept locked and chained by the most intricate locks. Nobody came through. Nobody left. Yet the house grew, seemingly when nobody was watching.

That was 300 years ago. It has been assumed that Faustus had died in the process of building his endless halls of rooms. But the mystery surrounding the estate is still prevalent... for although Faustus must have died long ago, the construction of rooms continues on... [1]




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