Cloaked in the protective blanket of the Gray Mist, the mystical forests of Evervale have long served as the seat of the Pangolan race, as well as home to a host of exotic flora and fauna not found elsewhere. Indeed, this is the last sanctuary of many forms of wildlife otherwise wiped out in the catastrophic wars waged by the fallen human kingdoms. While modern humans might consider these lands to be barbarous and untamed, the more discerning eyes of the Pangolan see the truth: this is one of the few lands outside of Providence where the law reigns supreme, even if the law here means the dispassionate and amoral rules of nature.

Of course, few things in this world are entirely as they seem, and even the Pangolan harbor a dark secret. In the deepest recesses of Evervale, the debauched cousins of the Pangolan, the dreaded F'r-R'iis, make their home. In the twisted city of Y'f-l'nd, they carry out their dark rituals, an anathema to all that is good and holy in Evervale. Whispers among the Pangolan speak of a rumor all too readily denied in public: that their cousins lie in wait, biding their time, all the while engaging in acts unspeakable to mortal men.