Dungeon Archer concept art

The Dungeon Archer is a master of ranged attacks. He is also well versed in survival skills and trap making. Although Archers come from all over the world, there are very few that can master the art of bow and arrow. The Dungeon Archer has the ability to infuse elements into the arrows he shoots, allowing for ranged damage of all types.


The Stalker is a Ranger at heart and a true Master with the bow. He has the ability to shoot from great range with high accuracy. He can channel his energy into his attacks, often doubling the damage dealt from normal arrows. He can also channel his concentration into his reflexes, boosting his agility and accuracy boosts.


The Warden is often known as a musician. He is able to influence others by playing mesmerizing notes with his bowstring. These mysterious sounds can both inspire fellow warriors or confuse and demoralize the enemy. He specializes in dealing mid-range damage and applying significant buffs to allies. He can also shoot flame arrows.