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Aberas is one of the regions found in Warrior Epic.


"Aberas is Risen!" the fisherman had yelled to shore. "We Are Forgiven! Maraendee be Praised!"

But his joyful words, uttered four centuries past and now remembered only in tarnished silver letters upon a crumbling temple wall, ultimately proved hollow. For while the sunken land of Aberas had indeed returned from the watery depths of the Abaecian sea, the exiled Sumanti Tribe, children of the sea goddess Maraendee, had not been forgiven.

Greed had been their downfall; greed and a lack of respect for the bounty Maraendee provided. The Sumanti took more from Her than was offered; so as payment She took from them Aberas, the land they called home, swallowing it in her blue waters. Shamed, the Sumanti wandered homeless and penitent until that fateful day ruined Aberas rose again.

"We Are Forgiven!" came the refrain as the sundered Sumanti returned, expecting forgiveness and salvation. But gone were the lush forests; gone were the rolling plains; and gone were the bountiful waters. Because in truth... gone was Maraendee. Had she fled? Had she died? Even the prophets knew not. But no longer engulfed by Her will, Aberas had re-emerged as a devastated, godless wasteland.

Their faith shaken, the Sumanti nonetheless returned, sorting through soggy rubble with dreams of rebuilding an empire. But despite breakthroughs of magic and science that promised to fill the void left by their missing Goddess, their attempts to recolonize Aberas ultimately proved futile, and the Sumanti and their Cult of Maraendee are now little more than memory.

But times change and wounds heal: dense jungle now covers twice-ruined Aberas. Civilization has slowly returned, encroaching upon the fallen land with mixed emotions. Newer -- lesser -- Gods battle over the forgotten empire, vying for power with the pawns called Men. To the south lies Providence, a glimmering ray of order and hope for the weakened Alliance, desperate for a stable trade route to sustain them after years of struggle. But Northlander raids devastate the land and strange creatures haunt her borders.

And into this world of turmoil and strife come rumors of a new threat, for the fishermen no longer shout for joy, but whisper in terror: "Maraendee has returned..." [1]




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